Spot Removal

Spot Removal

Laser Spot Removal

Laser Spot Removal

Age Spots

Also known as liver spots or sun spots, age spots commonly occur in adults over fifty years old. These spots appear on the hands and face and typically affect areas that have experienced years of sun exposure. These age spots can appear brown, tan, or black and vary in size. For some people, these dark spots can cause lowered self-esteem. However, laser technology is a great way to correct age spots and restore your skin’s youthful appearance by treating the discoloration of the skin.

Facial Redness and Rosacea

Skin redness and a flushed face can often be attributed to a condition called rosacea, which appears as facial redness or swollen red bumps and small visible blood vessels. It is very common, especially in middle-aged women with fair skin; however, laser treatment can help diminish its appearance.


Scars can appear for many different reasons, and while some love and embrace their scars, other people would prefer not to have them. Laser treatment for scars is available at our medical spa near you, so schedule a free consultation to learn about your options and the cost.

Treatment, Results, and Recovery

Treatment, Results, and Recovery

One effective remedy for these issues is the laser Fotofacial, which can also be an effective treatment for spider veins. However, this is only one of many types of laser treatments for face issues. Laser treatment for these issues is ideal for clients with lighter-pigmented skin. Though a single session can provide results, it is often recommended that clients undergo multiple treatments for larger spots. One session is usually fifteen to thirty minutes in duration. There is no downtime associated with laser treatment for age spots, skin redness, or veins, though you may experience some redness or peeling while healing. Clients are advised to wear sunscreen (at least 30 SPF) every day after treatment.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Schedule a Free Consultation

Ready to look younger by getting your even skin tone back? Schedule a free consultation with the experienced professionals at Laser MD Medspa to learn more about laser spot removal at our medical spa today.


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