Often, when we try to correct our physical appearance through cosmetic procedures, we neglect our hands. We don’t realize that hands can be the first thing another person notices about us. The backs of our hands get just as damaged as other parts of our body, if not more. They are almost always exposed and experience harsh weather, manual labor, and toxin damage. As you begin to age, you’ll observe that your hands age much faster than most other areas of your body. They accrue signs of aging such as age spots, texture issues, and discolored patches. To rejuvenate the appearance of your hands, we offer chemical peels. While many people assume chemical peels are only for the face, they can actually be used safely and effectively for a number of areas.

What Is A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a non-invasive non-surgical treatment used to rejuvenate the skin. It is comprised of a mixture of chemicals that are applied onto the skin of your hands. This mixture exfoliates the skin to reveal a fresh and undamaged layer of skin.

Variation In Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are essentially composed of different types of acids. They vary in strength – some are light and others deep. You can choose to have a gentler variant to effect a subtle change or opt for a more intense treatment to transform the appearance of your hands. Keep in mind that stronger treatments can require more downtime.

The Peel Treatment

Here’s how a chemical-peel treatment is carried out:

  1. First, your hands are thoroughly cleaned to prepare for the treatment.
  2. The preparation for the chemical-peel treatment depends on the preferred strength of the chemical peel. If you opt for a deep chemical peel, you may have to prepare for weeks by applying a skin-thinning ointment.
  3. Local anesthesia and sedation may be administered depending on the strength of the chosen peel.
  4. The chemical mixture is applied to your hands and left on for 30 minutes to an hour.

After The Peel Treatment

You will notice a degree of peeling as the layers of dead and damaged skin cells slough away. This is not unlike the look of a sunburn as it heals.

Your hands may be sore in the weeks after you’ve had your chemical-peel treatment. It is recommended to always wear sunblock to protect your healing hands from the harsh sun, as they will be especially vulnerable to sun damage for a time. Moisturizers will also assist with healing your skin faster.

In addition, you may notice some amount of redness or discoloration. These are normal side-effects of a chemical-peel treatment and should subside in due time.

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