A large number of women get facials done at least once in a month. It is recommended to prevent the early signs of aging and to tone the skin. In some cases, certain facial treatments also aim to remove sun damage and tighten the skin as well. Facial treatments improve blood circulation and keep the skin healthy and vibrant.

Most of us are familiar with popular facial treatments such as dermal fillers and chemical peels. It’s normal for some people to undergo treatments like these once or twice a year to improve their facial aesthetic.

These days, however, there are other cosmetic options available to you and one of them is known as the ultrasonic facial.

What Is An Ultrasonic Facial?

An ultrasonic facial is a cosmetic procedure in which sound waves are used to penetrate into the skin and the energy from the sound waves stimulate cell repair and growth and increases blood circulation. Ultrasonic facials also tone and tighten the facial skin and can be used to treat the signs of aging. It is widely used and quite effective.

The Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

The ultrasonic facial is like any other facial and is a non-invasive and relatively safe procedure. The skin is first cleansed properly in a series of steps. Once this is done, the doctor performing the treatment massages the face to relax the facial muscles.

The first step of the procedure is to remove dead cells. This is done by loosening them from the surface of the skin with pulsating water pressure that filters through the machine. Not only does this process remove dead cells, it also works to remove the dirt and grime that have accumulated in the pores.

In the next step, a revitalizing serum that penetrates deep into the skin is applied to tone and lift the facial skin. Once the skin absorbs the serum, the doctor will apply a mask and toner to seal the effect of the treatment.

It is relatively painless and quite effective. Unlike salon facials, ultrasonic facials work on any skin type and are not known to cause any allergic reaction in individuals undergoing the treatment.

The treatment lifts and tones the skin and has anti-aging benefits as well. Each session is carried out only after a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. The procedure is done after the consultation and does not take more than an hour.

What To Expect After The Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

The results of the procedure can be observed almost immediately after the procedure. You will notice a difference in the texture of your skin and feel rejuvenated. Proper exfoliation removes all dead cells, giving you a fresh and more youthful appearance