When antiperspirants no longer work, and your underarms persist in dampening your spirits and shirts alike, it may be time for an underarm Botox. 

Excessive underarm sweating can be more than just a minor inconvenience. For many, it’s a source of constant embarrassment and anxiety. This condition can stain clothes, complicate social and professional interactions, and can be a serious blow to one’s self-esteem. It is not uncommon for those affected to avoid social situations or opt for clothing that can hide the effects of their condition. But the solution is simple and often not the first one that comes to mind – Botox. 

Why Your Underarm Is Sweating So Much

Sweating is completely natural. It helps regulate temperature. But for some, the sweat glands in the underarms produce too much sweat. This overactivity is usually not due to overheating or physical exertion, but rather a result of hyperactive nerves that signal your sweat glands to produce more sweat than necessary. 

Genetics, stress, and certain medical conditions can all play a role in this condition, making even normal situations like a handshake or a public appearance, cause for concern.


How Botox Stops Excessive Sweating in the Underarms

Botox is a neurotoxin that works by blocking the release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that tells the sweat glands to produce sweat. When Botox is injected into the underarms, it blocks the nerve signals that trigger sweating, which reduces the amount of sweat produced.

Armpit botox is typically given in a grid pattern under the skin of the underarms. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes and is minimally painful. Most people can return to their normal activities immediately after treatment.

Botox injections are very effective for treating hyperhidrosis, with most people seeing a significant reduction in sweating within a few days of treatment. The results typically last for 4-6 months, after which the nerves regenerate and the injections need to be repeated.

Over time, some people may find that they can go longer between treatments as the sweat glands become less active.


Does Botox in Underarms Stop the Smell?

Yes. Botox injections target sweating, which is a primary culprit for underarm odor. By controlling the sweating, Botox can thereby reduce the associated odor.

However, it’s important to note that Botox does not directly affect the odor-producing bacteria or the glands that produce body oils, which means that good hygiene practices still remain essential.


How Many Botox Units for Underarm Sweating?

The number of Botox units required for treating underarm sweating can vary from person to person, depending on the severity of their condition and the size of the treatment area. On average, a person might receive anywhere from 50 to 100 units per armpit. The exact dosage and treatment plan, however, should be determined by a qualified provider during your consultation.


Can I Use Deodorant After Armpit Botox?

Yes, you can use deodorant after receiving Botox injections in the armpits. However, we recommended waiting at least 2 to 3 days before resuming the use of deodorant or antiperspirant to ensure the treatment area has had adequate time to recover and prevent irritation. 

We will provide specific aftercare instructions that you should follow to ensure the best results and minimize any side effects.


Can Botox for Sweating Be Used Elsewhere? 

Botox has indeed been used to treat other areas prone to excessive sweating, such as the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, and the forehead. The procedure is similar to that of the underarms, with Botox being injected directly into the area of concern to block the nerve signals that lead to overactive sweating. 

These treatments can offer significant relief, but as always, they should be carried out by a trained and experienced professional to ensure safety and effectiveness.


Botox and Laser Hair Removal for Underarm Sweating

Can a person get Botox on their underarms if also having laser hair removal done? This is a common question that we get asked at our clinic. The answer is yes. We’ve had many clients who wanted to get the best of both worlds and were super satisfied with their results. 

Laser hair removal uses a laser to destroy the roots of the hair follicles in the underarms. This can help to reduce sweating by reducing the amount of surface area on which sweat can evaporate. 

Some individuals also report experiencing less discomfort on the Botox-tread areas when their laser hair removal treatment was done. And of course, you can have Botox after laser hair removal if you wish. 


Benefits of Combining Botox and Laser Hair Removal

  • Botox and laser hair removal combined enhance underarm aesthetics with smooth skin and reduced sweating.
  • The treatment duo can improve skin health by minimizing bacterial growth and irritation caused by sweat and hair.
  • Time and cost savings are significant with less need for daily antiperspirant use and frequent hair removal.
  • Greater confidence and comfort arise from the long-lasting reduction of both underarm hair and sweat.


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Your underarms shouldn’t be a source of embarrassment. They should be a source of your confidence. If you’re looking to reduce underarm sweating or eliminate underarm odor, our Botox and laser hair removal treatments at Laser MD Medspa can do the job. 

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